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Delivering design that has a continuous clear line of sight back to the Business Case

Design is something we are passionate about; good design saves money. It can bring about the biggest impact on client satisfaction and when delivered well, can result in huge benefits to the end-user, stakeholders and society overall.

We understand this; we have significant experience of achieving sustainability targets, have met targets for design for manufacture and preassembly and used BIM to achieve a right first time approach, less waste and ease of maintenance and operation of the completed facility.

Delivering design requires a continuous clear line of sight back to the Business Case. Risk and Assumptions management and good change control is all fundamental along with the ability to provide healthy challenge and governance to what is presented to you. Is it value for money? Is it compliant? Does it meet Sustainability criteria? Is it demonstrably safe?

We have many years of experience of delivering design; we come from a design background and thus are technically capable.

We can influence your project success hugely by being engaged from the outset. We have done this on projects and programmes of all sizes; some as prestigious as the Olympic Park for 2012.

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