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Ian Townsend - Principal Consultant

Ian is an experienced and qualified programme, portfolio and project manager, with extensive experience of solution development and delivery in the public and private sectors.

Ian has led on a wide range of programmes and projects within corporate IT, rail telecommunication and infrastructure environments. He has led Programme and Project lifecycles to deliver success from the development of business cases, project plans & schedules, risk identification and management, through to benefit realisation in predominately waterfall environments.

Implementation of governance and structure for new/evolving teams in complex organisations owning process definition and development through corporate change board and approval by strong stakeholder management and communication skills. When introduced to new teams Ian has provided structured and timely intervention by exception.

Considerable experience working across multiple functions and ‘grass roots’ development has provided Ian an insight to the activities and needs of teams to complete works to the expected time/cost/quality in safety critical and highly regulated environments.

Ian is tenacious and applies his methodology principals in a pragmatic fashion to successfully deliver for sponsors and stakeholders alike. He has both functional and programme/project people management experience and is always keen to develop individuals and share knowledge.

Top Skills / Areas of Knowledge

 • Registered Project Professional, IPMA Level B Certified

 • Railway complex systems and Corporate IT delivery experience

 • International and United Kingdom experience

•  Excellent communication management

 • Strong governance, organisational & assurance skills

 • Pragmatic application and development of methodologies to ensure successful delivery

 • Strong Team Leadership and development

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