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Jamal Walker - Consultant

Jamal is a qualified and professional consultant with years of experience in a business analyst and management consultant capacity. Providing digital transformation across the public and public sector has been at the heart of Jamal’s experiences.

Strong analytical and advisory expertise, with wide ranging experience in delivering solutions and outcome-based services forms the basis of Jamal’s career. He enjoys working in a heterogeneous environment and exploring all different types of projects, most recently including: migration, integration, maturity assessments and strategic landscape design. With demonstrable problem solving and communication skills, Jamal has proven experience in liaising with business leaders, creating clarity from confusion and directing change. Fundamentally, delivery and personable customer service is at the core of his beliefs.

Top Skills / Areas of Knowledge 

  • Business Analysis
  • Stakeholder Management & Engagement
  • Critical Thinking
  • Strategy & Transformation
  • Agile Implementation
  • Leadership

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