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Agile Delivery

Adaptability and prioritisation is key to succeeding in today’s business landscape. Our Agile specialists will help you do just that through tailoring and applying Agile best practices.

Whether you are thinking about embedding Agile for the first time, or are already running as an Agile organisation, we have the specialist knowledge, tools and experience to get you started or improve existing approaches.

Our Agile consultants are highly-skilled experts across multiple specialist methodologies (SAFe®, Kanban and Scrum to name a few), which can be delivered in combination with coaching to provide your teams with the skills and tools to implement Agile working in everything they do. Above all, our consultants will work with your teams to embed an agile, customer-focused culture to drive high quality, timely delivery.

Agile Transition and Embedding

Transitioning and embedding Agile is no small feat but our proven approaches have shown we can successfully apply Agile best practices in any environment.

Adopting and embedding an Agile culture is key to fully unlocking the benefits of agile working. We will work with your teams at all levels to tailor Agile methodologies and create a transition plan that reflects your experience, objectives and requirements. In this way, our consultants will work with your teams to demonstrate best practice and incrementally transition to Agile delivery.

Scrum Master and Agile Coaching

Our specialist scrum masters and Agile coaches nurture an environment for high-performing team dynamics, continuous flow, and relentless improvement.

We work directly with teams to provide the knowledge, tools and techniques to deliver high-quality products and services to customers, on time and to budget. Alongside driving delivery, we educate, upskill and provide knowledge transfer to staff at all levels to embed best practices and to realise the full benefits of Agile working.

Through this approach, teams can rapidly incorporate Agile methodologies to iteratively build knowledge and to dramatically improve performance.


Kanban is typically considered a methodology used only in Agile working. However, we can apply this powerful technique to any environment to create transparent workflows, manage workloads and identify bottlenecks for process improvement.

Our specialist consultants can work with your delivery teams to rapidly implement Kanban working at any scale to suit your specific organisational needs. With extensive knowledge of online and physical collaborative Kanban tools, we can provide solutions to enable seamless Kanban working for even the most dispersed teams.

Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe®)

Scaled Agile Framework, or SAFe® as it is best known, is a framework for cross-functional Agile working that embeds Agile practices throughout the team, programme and portfolio level.

Our qualified SAFe® specialists can adapt and tailor the SAFe® framework to suit your individual needs and to complement existing knowledge of Agile approaches. In this way, we will work with your teams to embed best practices and to iteratively build knowledge for delivery that continues beyond our engagement.

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