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Innovation Software Development

Project Overview

i3Works worked with BOXARR partner to provide project management and support to develop an advanced feature app to help identify and manage risks in the supply chain within using the BOXARR platform, with a total combined investment in excess of £300K.

i3Works team are proud to have participated in this project with Airbus and Rolls Royce as end users and as part of the National Aerospace Technology Exploitation Programme (NATEP) 2016 innovation programme. NATEP programme was created to drive technology innovation within the UK aerospace sector with a total investment of £40m UK wide for 2016.

Our Client’s Solution Overview

BOXARR platform provides a leading solution for ISM (Inter-dependent Systems Management). The solution consists in a Boxes and Arrows effective and visual modelling which provides visibility in complex management such as supply chain management in the aerospace industry and solve challenges of complexity, inter-dependency and optimisation.

Our Client’s Challenges

  • To have a deep understanding of the end user requirements, specifications and validation
  • Inconsistent Project Management and Programme Governance
  • Lack of coordination and collaboration, work in silos
  • Lack of timescales control and failure to meet deadlines

i3Works' Solutions to Those Challenges

End user requirements, specifications and validation.

  • Supporting the product development team to effectively manage the interaction with the end users, establish a deep understanding of their requirements and validate these.
  • Creating of Customer Interaction Plan.

Inconsistent Project Management and Programme Governance.

  • Project management delivery.
  • Use of PM best practice and structured governance, such as review of deliverables and creation of work packages.
  • Definition of clear roles for each member of the project.
  • use of project management methodology, best practices and templates.

Lack of coordination and collaboration, work in silos.

  • Project management delivery: clear identification of roles, understanding the realistic availability of resources, correct assignment of tasks and resources.
  • Encouraging interaction with end users and coordinating meetings and workshops

Lack of timescales control and failure to meet deadlines.

  • Project Plan, Scheduling and Gantt chart review to improve visibility on key milestones at different stages and dependencies between activities.

Work Items & Responsibilities

During the collaboration with BOXARR the i3Works team has excelled in the delivery of the following items:

  • Programme governance - set up and developed the framework and controls
    to facilitate the delivery of the innovation programme
  • Business case development
  • End User Requirements analysis and validation
  • Innovation management consultative support
  • Innovative software and solution market research to support the Make/Buy decision
  • Product development support
  • Programme and project management and controls
  • Agile development
  • Business collaboration
  • Provision of ad hoc technical subject matter support and independent peer review

How i3Works can help your organisation

i3Works has a rich seam of P3M and business change expertise. We have delivered PMOs, led £billion mega projects and led programmes of up to 130 projects. We understand the need to ground P3M solutions in the practical reality of business; ensuring alignment with strategic intent whilst also championing a lean, pragmatic implementation of P3M methodologies. Our team are seasoned practitioners, including Registered Project Professionals, Chartered Engineers and underpinned by a wide range of P3M professional qualifications.

We have a passion for what we do and firmly believe in the value that a PMO can deliver. But we also appreciate that the industry is littered with process heavy, mechanistic PMO implementations that lose sight of their strategic purpose. By maintaining focus on the problems statements that the PMO is there to resolve, the PMO becomes an enabler for effective strategic and tactical decision making.


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