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Type 45 Destroyers Transformation Programme

Project Overview

i3Works, provided project management services on a Ways of Working Transformation Programme, the biggest change programme our major government client has ever implemented.

i3Works acted as a project manager within the Type 45 Future Support team. Besides ensuring the WOW were safe and communication lines were known and understood, our company conducted and oversaw the production of artefacts, trained our client's staff and industry partners (new and existing) with new WOW and managed the production of the shared portal.

Our Client's Challenges

  • Developing and maintaining the Level 3 Project Schedule
  • Putting together and managing the shared portal for the organisation and industry partners to share information/documentation
  • Ensuring that the T45 team's Organisational Design was in place with evidence to back it up
  • Ensuring that the T45 team was trained on the new WOW
  • Ensuring senior management had the information in order to make high level decisions

i3Works Solution to Those Challenges

Level 3 Project Schedule.

  • Strong relationships built within the programme, ensuring an open and honest environment.
  • Set up various workshops to flesh out all detail required to execute the project, capturing all dependencies, assumptions and risks throughout.
  • Implemented a simple and easy way for the team to update the schedule with less burden on time and energy of the team.

Shared portal setup.

  • Project managed the development of a shared portal which the organisation (Type 45 Strategic Class Authority) and multiple industry partners can share documents on.
  • Implemented the necessary requirements for appropriate benefits to be achieved.
  • Understood requirements for the portal and ensured they were implemented with ongoing communications throughout.
  • Ensured editors were trained to change the portal if there were any mistakes.
    Built a guide on how to use the portal and how to ensure things are stored in the right place.

T45 team's Organisational Design.

  • Conducted a resource gap analysis against the implemented work breakdown structure to clearly show the importance of all required posts.

Ensuring T45 team was trained in the new WOW.

  • Writing of business cases to bring the programme designers in to conduct training to ensure sufficient training was in place for existing and new staff on the new WOW ahead of the implementation date.

Information availability for high-level decisions.

  • Built reporting packs and dashboards, ensuring the team were updating them on a regular basis with correct information.
  • Setting up recurring meetings for management to go through packs/dashboards with the team to confirm information.

Work Items & Responsibilities

  • Building key stakeholder relationships (managing SH expectations through good communications and engagement)
  • Leading the biggest change programme for warships that has ever been done before
  • Coordinating training sessions, ensuring ease of access to the new WoW BPs
  • EPM schedule (baselining) and implemented a quick and easy way to update to reduced (time and effort) burden on busy team members
  • Lead monthly team leader gate reviews
  • Owned and managed risks, ensuring mitigation actions were completed in time to reduce the chances of threats but increasing chances of opportunities
  • Building of the documents space in SP, ensuring team were happy with structure and how it works (leading training sessions with the team members to ensure that everyone was aware how it works etc.).
  • Undertaking a resource gap analysis with team leader and platform chief engineer
  • Creation of various BCs in support of technical requirements
  • Maintaining project dashboards
  • Organising and facilitating senior mgmt. meetings in addition to capturing minutes and distributing in a timely manner to stakeholder community
  • Producing analysis reports from the level 0 'Plan On A Page' and level 3 EPM schedule
  • Fulfilling the role of “critical friend” at the strategic planning stage encouraging creative thinking, challenging and supporting in equal measure.
  • Providing dashboards and associated analysis to facilitate and encourage programme and functional
    level decision making.

Benefits for the Clients

  • Detailed understanding of the artefacts to be produced for the programme and WOW
  • Detailed level 3 plan to complete all work required to take on the new WOW and the level 0 POAP
  • Robust project reporting dashboards with relevant and up to date management information for key decisions to be made
  • Meeting minutes distributed in a timely manner to the stakeholder community to ensure all members of the programme were kept up to date
  • Built key stakeholder relationships between the organisation and industry partners, facilitating knowledge transfers and meet ups.
  • Portal to share information between industry and the organisation's staff produced. Benefits included up to date knowledge/documents to be seen and shared whilst maintaining configuration control throughout.
  • Knowledge of each Type 45 SCA post understood, and information to back up decisions made by 1*
  • Training conducted to ensure the team understood the benefits and their new roles under the new WOW

How i3Works can help your organisation

i3Works has a rich seam of P3M and business change expertise. We have delivered PMOs, led £billion mega projects and led programmes of up to 130 projects. We understand the need to ground P3M solutions in the practical reality of business; ensuring alignment with strategic intent whilst also championing a lean, pragmatic implementation of P3M methodologies. Our team are seasoned practitioners, including Registered Project Professionals, Chartered Engineers and underpinned by a wide range of P3M professional qualifications.

We have a passion for what we do and firmly believe in the value that a PMO can deliver. But we also appreciate that the industry is littered with process heavy, mechanistic PMO implementations that lose sight of their strategic purpose. By maintaining focus on the problems statements that the PMO is there to resolve, the PMO becomes an enabler for effective strategic and tactical decision making.


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