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Picture This: How I became a PCA graduate

By Sarah-Jane Firth, Junior Consultant Having picked up my first camera when I was around 10 years old, it was no shock to my family and friends that it would be something I inevitably pursued later in education and as a career. After graduating from Leeds Arts University and earning a high 2:1 in my […]

From Pipettes to Project Management

My First Year as a Graduate Consultant by Natalie Talbot, PhD Graduate Consultant In 2016, just one year into my four-year PhD programme, I had the inconvenient realisation that I didn’t want to do science as a career in any shape or form, but the prospect of finding an alternative seemed impossible. So, I took […]

Rest, assured

Author Amit Kalantri tells us that “nothing consoles and comforts like certainty does.” This applies to business as much as it does in our personal lives. Knowing gives you the confidence to push forward. Not knowing means you can spend forever second-guessing your actions, relying on hope and instinct more than facts and data. What […]

The silver lining in every cloud

by Gary Gerrard, communications and marketing manager In October 2019 I took my first nervous steps into a new role as a communications consultant for i3Works, and began my first client-side placement for them, which was to support a project delivering the MODCloud hosting solution.