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AssuranceHelping organisations look beyond the conventional threats to ensure successful delivery

The delivery of change for capital projects is often fraught with difficulty and complexity. On average a quarter of all major change programmes fail and around three quarters fail to deliver their projected benefits. When large, complex projects do fail, they tend to do so spectacularly with significant consequences on shareholder value.

Project Boards have a good grasp of complexity and investment risk from the outset and deploy eyes on the ground in the form of independent assurance to ensure that their interests are protected.

Out-turn results often demonstrate that in a high number of cases this assurance fails to capture the underlying issues. Project teams often view independent assurance as a hurdle which stands in the way of delivery, rather than a helping hand to ensure delivery.

We work to transform the approach to assurance by working collegiately with the project to identify areas of concern, work with the project team to develop solutions and ensure their effective implementation.

Although we are professional project managers we also have a wealth of experience in design, safety management, construction, strategy, business planning and investment risk. We ensure that project reviews look beyond conventional techniques to understand the obstacles which may affect the achievement of strategic intent.

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