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Top-quality collaboration guaranteed with i3Works

We are delighted to announce that our collaborative working culture has now been recognised with official International Standards Organisation (ISO) 44001 accreditation.

IS044001 is an internationally recognised accreditation that helps organisations build and develop effective, competitive business relationships based upon a collaborative approach.

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From Practice to Practitioner

16 months in, and still not missing those pipettes 

Natalie Talbot, PhD Graduate Consultant 

It’s been 16 months since I joined the i3 family or, in other terms, six projects, one viva, 11 exams, one pandemic, three lockdowns and one house-move. 

A lot has changed since my last blog post; I have moved into the second year of the PhD Graduate Scheme and started my first billable role. 

In July, I started as programme benefits management lead within the Defence sector, and have been specialising in all things outcomes, benefits and measurements ever since. I have put into action the experience and knowledge from my first year to proactively establish, manage and track benefits within 10 projects, and at the programme level. 

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Is it time to bin new year resolutions?

asks Freddie Stephenson, PhD graduate consultant

It’s the first week of February 2021. The second month of another year that, like its predecessor, will endlessly be described as unprecedented and challenging. Nonetheless, it is still worth reflecting and asking ourselves the question: are we keeping up with our new year resolutions? Or more importantly, should we be setting them at all?

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2020 in hindsight

Director’s dialogue

Ben Ames

by Ben Ames

As I reflect on the last year, I am overwhelmed by the achievements of our staff, as individuals and as a company.  Even in the strangest year any of us are likely to experience, we have expanded the skillsets and qualifications across our services, grown our i3Institute, established ourselves in new sectors, and strengthened our position in others.

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Agile working – a mindset, not a method

by Alec Bosomworth, senior consultant and Agile PM subject matter expert

Agile is seen as a new and exciting term; one which is being increasingly used as more and more organisations choose to “go agile”, with promises of better customer satisfaction and rapid delivery. All too often, however, these aspirations fall short. In my experience, this is often due to the misconception that agile is a method.

Yep, you read that correctly – agile is not a method.

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Functional coherence: So, what is it?

by James Marwood, head of Public Sector Transformation

I don’t like buzzwords or management catchphrases. They may sound good sometimes, but they rarely add anything. You can keep your “helicopter views”, “synergies”, and your “going forwards”. However, there is one term being used more often nowadays that could easily be mistaken for one of these bits of jargon, but one which shouldn’t be mistaken for ‘trying to impress’.

Functional coherence is increasingly important, especially as large organisations seek to realise the value in their investments in digital technologies. As a result, it’s coming up in meetings more and more, but given the puzzled reactions of some of the people involved in those meetings, it’s clearly not always fully understood. So, with that in mind, allow me to explain.

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PCSO to PCA: My journey

by Jameet Singh, junior consultant

I joined Avon and Somerset Constabulary on an apprenticeship programme within the Criminal Justice Department immediately after finishing my GCSEs. That was the start of my thirteen-year career, taking me on a diverse career path from police community support officer to Major Crime Investigation Team helping investigate homicides.

During my career in the police force I had many secondments. I enjoyed being an executive assistant for the assistant chief constable in Gloucestershire Police, and helping set up the Outreach Team with the aim of making Avon and Somerset a more diverse organisation.

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