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Our Case Studies

Through every partnership we strive for sustainable results, ensuring tangible value for our clients.

To understand the transformative impact we can bring to your organisation, discover examples of our work in our case studies below If you require further information please get in touch.

Facilitating a Circular Economy Approach to the Safe and Effective Decommissioning of Submarines

Client: Submarine Delivery Agency (SDA)

  • Implemented circular economy methods for sustainable submarine decommissioning, cutting waste and enhancing recycling.
  • Delivered a programme of works to enable recycling and component reuse for new submarines.

HMS Anson has left Barrow-in-Furness to embark on the next stage of her journey.

Digtal Cloud

MODCloud Delivery Partner to Strategic Command's Defence Digital 

Client: Defence Digital

  • Consolidated and transitioned older hosting environments within the MOD’s Defence Digital.
  • Transitioned hosting environments to newer, cloud-based, green solutions, achieving significant carbon reduction outcomes and reducing the environmental impact of MOD’s digital infrastructure.

Data Centre Rationalisation (DCR) using Sustainable Methods and Considerations

Client: Ministry of Defence (MOD)

  • Transferred servers from outdated data centers to modern facilities, with a lower energy consumption and carbon emissions.
  • Implemented sustainable infrastructure solutions, ensuring environmentally responsible data center operations and a reduction in the ecological footprint.

Ministry of Defence Plaque

Consultants looking at computer

Change Control Request Assurance for Magnox Life-Time Plans

Client: Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA) 

  • Managed and assured Change Control Requests (CCR) to repair near-term elements of the Magnox Life-Time Plans (LTP), ensuring alignment within a minimum 2-year planning horizon.
  • Ensured strict adherence to regulatory requirements, ensuring compliance while facilitating the NDA’s mission of safe and effective nuclear facility decommissioning.

Implementation of Management Best Practices and Staff Upskilling

ClientAtomic Weapons Establishment (AWE)

  • Delivered best practice management processes enhancing operational efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Conducted comprehensive training to upskill AWE staff in the latest program tools and techniques, and industry standards and capabilities.

Assurance, Business Case and Artefact  Development (Cortisone)

Project Management and Controls for Hinkley Point C Nuclear Activities

Client: EDF Energy

  • Delivered proficient project management services to EDF, ensuring the seamless coordination and execution of onsite activities at Hinkley Point C.
  • Implemented rigorous project control measures, enhancing transparency, risk mitigation, and cost- effectiveness in the management of EDF’s nuclear initiatives.

Collaborative Management and Governance of UK Nuclear Power Site Decommissioning

Client: Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA)

  • Collaboratively managed and governed the decommissioning of nuclear power sites across the UK, ensuring alignment with regulatory standards and objectives.
  • Implemented efficient management and governance strategies whilst prioritising safety and environmental responsibility.

Social Value: Delivery, Monitoring and Reporting for Government, Defence & Intelligence 

Client: HM Government

  • Leveraging extensive expertise in fighting climate change, tackling economic inequality, promoting wellbeing, addressing COVID-19 recovery efforts, and creating equal opportunities for all, through comprehensive social value delivery, monitoring, and reporting.

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