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Agile Coaching

Our Agile Coaches provide guidance and support to organisations in adopting agile practices, fostering an agile mindset, and driving continuous improvement. We support teams, facilitate collaboration, and help optimise processes to achieve high-performance, customer-centric outcomes.

Challenges we Address

Resistance to Change: We provide education,   communicate benefits and address concerns to help stakeholders understand the value of agility.

Organisational Culture: We navigate cultural barriers, promote transparency, and advocate for agile values to align organisational cultures with agile principles.

Lack of Agile Knowledge: We train, mentor, and coach to increase agile awareness and competencies in teams and stakeholders.

Sustaining Agile Adoption: We sustain this by reinforcing principles, monitoring progress, and adapting strategies for long-term success and continuous improvement.

Addressing Dysfunctional Behaviours: We address this by facilitating conflict resolution, promoting psychological safety, and coaching individuals and teams towards healthy, collaborative dynamics.

Scaling Agile: We implement scaling frameworks, facilitating cross-team collaboration, and promoting knowledge sharing.

Our Approach


Coaching & Mentoring

We guide teams in adopting agile practices, fostering growth and development

Tailoring & Adaptation

We customise agile frameworks and methodologies to suit the unique context and needs of teams.

Facilitation & Collaboration

We create an environment of open communication and trust,   enabling effective teamwork.

Change Management

We address resistance,   communicate benefits, and facilitate successful organizational change.

Agile Mindset Cultivation

We instil core values of agility fostering an agile mindset throughout the organisation and encouraging a culture of learning and innovation.

Metrics & Progress Tracking

We define meaningful metrics and establish mechanisms to track progress to make data-driven decisions driving continuous improvement and optimising performance.

Key Benefits

  • Expert Guidance: Our deep knowledge and expertise in agile practices, guide teams to make informed decisions.
  • Improved Team Performance: We foster collaboration, communication, and empowerment, resulting in high-performing teams.
  • Agile Mindset Development: We cultivate an  agile mindset, embracing adaptability, customer collaboration, and continuous improvement.
  • Change Management: We manage organisational change, addressing resistance, building consensus, and ensuring the successful adoption of agile practices.
  • Continuous Improvement: We foster a culture of reflection, experimentation, and adaptation to optimise team performance.
  • Increased Agility & Adaptability: We help teams and organisations become more responsive and adaptable in a rapidly changing environment.
  • Enhanced Collaboration & Communication: We improve collaboration, knowledge sharing, and transparency across teams and departments.
  • Sustainable Agile Practices: We establish practices that balance agility and stability, ensuring long-term success and continuous improvement.

Our Team

Our coaches empower teams and organisations to embrace agility. We provide expert guidance, foster collaboration, and drive continuous improvement.

Together, we navigate change, cultivate an agile mindset, and deliver sustainable results. We unlock your full potential and thrive in the fast-paced, ever-changing world of business.

Ideal use cases


  • Agile Transformation – adopting agile practices and methods.
  • Agile Training & Coaching – embedding agile values and mindsets
  • Scaling Agile
  • Agile Culture Development – leading towards collaboration and cooperation.
  • Agile Leadership Development – empowering the team to make decisions, minimising autocracy, control and bureaucracy
  • Agile Product Development - guiding the product through multiple iterations
  • Team Enablement – providing teams with the support, knowledge and tools to perform to their full potential


Service Offerings

We offer a range of service offerings for agile coaching, including:

Agile Transformation Strategy: Assisting organisations in developing a comprehensive plan and roadmap for their agile transformation journey.

Agile Training & Workshops: Conduct training sessions and workshops to educate teams and stakeholders on agile principles, methodologies, and practices.

Team Coaching: Providing ongoing coaching and support to teams, helping them apply agile principles and practices effectively and achieve their goals.

Agile Framework Implementation: Assist organisations in selecting and implementing the most suitable agile frameworks, such as Scrum, Kanban, SAFe.

Agile Assessments & Health Checks: Conduct assessments to evaluate the current state of agile adoption and identify areas for improvement.

Agile Facilitation: Facilitate agile ceremonies and meetings, such as sprint planning, daily stand-ups, and retrospectives

Agile Leadership Coaching: Work with leaders and managers to develop agile leadership skills, fostering an environment that supports agile teams and practices.

Agile Culture Development: Support organisations in creating a culture that values agility, collaboration, learning, and continuous improvement.

Agile Tool & Process Adoption: Assist teams in selecting and implementing agile tools and supporting processes to enhance productivity and collaboration.

Agile Metrics & Reporting: Define and implement meaningful metrics to measure team and organisational performance, enabling data-driven decision-making.

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