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Managed Disaster Recovery

Our Managed Disaster Recovery Program (MDRP) is a programmatic approach to managing, maintaining, and enhancing business-critical Disaster Recovery capabilities. MDRP establishes a methodology to assist in recovering critical systems and applications needed to meet business requirements.

We execute MDRP in partnership with the customer, serving as an adjunct to existing staff, and focuses on the recovery of core business applications and processes.

Our teams scan customers' environments and creates a holistic view of the infrastructure to establish a baseline understanding and identify process improvement gaps before implementing the robust, tried-and-tested method to enhance the overall recoverability of the key business functions. 

Challenges We Address

In this modern age, the news is frequently filled with some unforeseen event such as a man-made disaster, natural disaster, or cyber-attack. Whichever it is, it creates mayhem for all those involved. With increasingly complex supply chains, geo-spread organisations, and customers, it may not be your disaster but someone else’s which impacts you.

Disaster Recovery planning is important, but it need not be overwhelming. Armed with the right information, we can help you can prepare a comprehensive, logical recovery plan that avoids mistakes and will return your business operations to normal as quickly as possible, should the worst happen.

Our Approach

The methodology supporting MDRP reviews an organisation’s current recovery program, establishes a baseline, develops recovery procedures, defines the testing program, conducts recovery tests, identifies improvement opportunities, and manages the program lifecycle. MDRP is conducted in four phases.


The first phase of focuses on gathering information about the existing production infrastructure and application landscape required to develop a baseline for the environment and tailor the program to the Customer’s specific needs and create a comprehensive mapping of infrastructure, applications, and dependencies.


The goal of the Design Phase is to transform the data gathered in the Discovery Phase into a detailed blueprint of the customer’s recovery architecture and to make the necessary preparations to successfully execute MDRP tests.


The Run Phase of MDRP focuses on putting into action the recovery solutions, architecture, and recovery procedures created in the Design Phase to help ensure the viability and integrity of the program.


The final phase of MDRP addresses the life-cycle management aspect of the Customer’s recovery program and is responsible for keeping it current through monitoring changes to the production environment and regular engagement with the designated customer team

Key Benefits

  • Performing a detailed discovery of production systems, business applications, and technology interdependencies.
  • Collaboratively defining recovery configurations and creating a testing structure to help fulfilled regulatory and fiduciary responsibilities.
  • Improving the execution of the Customer’s recovery strategy over time.
  • Supporting application and infrastructure recovery in the event of an unplanned disruption or disaster.
  • Managing the lifecycle of the Customer’s managed disaster recovery program, including recovery change and configuration management through a single point of contact.
  • Sustaining a 24,7, 365 state of execution readiness.

Our Team

Is your business resilient? To prepare for the unexpected you need business resilience embedded into your organisation. i3D’s Architects help you prepare and achieve a permanent state of readiness beyond a simple disaster recovery plan or a review of which technologies you’ve opted for. Our industry-expert Architects help your organisation by harnessing the power of information that we have today to build flexibility and durability into your business model to, thrive now, and be prepared for tomorrow.

Ideal use cases

  • An objective, expert review of your current program. 
  • Identify where your organisation is on its resilience-building journey.
  • A practical roadmap of activities derived from many years of experience.
  • Learn what capabilities you might deploy to mitigate unacceptable risk.
  • Understand the ROI of IT Recovery.
  • Learn how to select fit-for-business solution.

Service Offerings

i3D provides bespoke Business Resilience services that go hand-in-hand with disaster recovery, including:

Strategic Resilience: Our Architects provide guidance to modern-day executives and take you through their digital transformation journey and prepare you to lead and respond in the event of a disaster.

Operational Resilience: i3D Architects are laser-focused on helping your operational teams to identify critical business activities, and their technology and process dependencies, to prioritise risk, ensure regulatory compliance, coordinate a response, and understand impacts and interdependencies. 

Technology Resilience: i3D architects advise and guide on ensuring critical data assets are protected and essential business services can be restored with minimal impact, whilst adhering to Recovery Point/Time objectives (RPO/RTOs).

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