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Architecture - Vision to Action

i3D offer our clients an IT architecture service to help translate business and IT visions into a clear IT target for the future.

We listen to, review, and assess clients’ current IT state, vision, and strategy so that we can provide recommendations on target architecture and help clients build a roadmap that will enable them to achieve their goals. We can offer thoughts on quick wins, longer term opportunities and reuse of technology in our final reports.

Just as business vision should drive all activity that a business conducts, so too should architectural vision drive all architectural design within an organisation. This service ensures that whatever level of maturity clients are at, and level of resource clients can commit, the output is a clear document that defines goals and steps needed to achieve them.

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Challenges We Address

  • The need to modernise technology has not always allowed time to strategically assess the optimal path
  • Complex environments with legacy applications supported by a variety of Third-Party Suppliers
  • Miss-match of IT and Business strategy or an unclear IT strategy
  • High IT expenditures with little reward or progress
  • Prioritising IT projects to maximise budgets
  • Effective communication of complex ideas and requirements to key stakeholders

Our Approach

We draw on best practice frameworks and our consultants' experience to develop standards-based documentation that is coherent and clear about the opportunities for clients’ organisation.

Assess: We will look at the current state of our clients’ IT estate and their architecture documentation, any vision or IT strategy/ roadmap that they might have. We will record this into a current state document.

Advise: We will then look at our clients’ business and technology goals and drivers and offer a proposed target architecture for their organisation. This will include recommendations on how best to achieve this end state. We will tailor these proposals to clients’ circumstance and can offer insight into different outcomes based on different levels of resource commitment.

Optimise: We will look for, and highlight, opportunities for quick wins in progress towards the end state. We will also share recommendations for reuse, re-purposing or expansion of existing technology and infrastructure to meet future needs.

Verify: i3Works will work with you to identify a verification strategy, if this includes performance as a critical factor then i3Works will assist you to define a representative test environment for you to perform performance validation before migration.

Key Benefits

  • Generates a clear assessment of clients’ current IT architecture.
  • Creates a target architecture for our clients’ organisation to move towards.
  • Delivers a roadmap showing how to move from current state to future state.
  • Scalable levels of engagement depending upon our clients’ situation
  • An experienced cross-sector third party view of our clients’ opportunities and goals
  • Recommendations drawn from IT vision, strategy, and goals, but regarding overall business vision/strategy and goals.
  • Recommendations tailored to our clients’ specific organisation, maturity level and needs.

Our Team

You know where your business wants to go, you know what your processes and sales must look like, you know you have the right team to do it and now is the time to do it. But you are stuck on the How? What digital solution is appropriate? What software or technology is over hyped or not suitable?

i3D’s industry experienced architects can help you lay the foundations for the realisation of your vision in a way that is forward looking, accessible, sustainable, and ethical.

Ideal use cases

  • Companies looking to minimise the pains of growth through well architected systems
  • Established companies that need to embrace modern work practices
  • Heavily regulated businesses needing to align with strict laws and standards
  • Infrastructure and logistics companies who need to increase efficiencies and need to exploit data better
  • Companies with outsourced IT departments that want fresh unbiased view on their current estate
  • Companies that have gone through mergers and acquisitions and are looking to consolidate / integrate / simplify their IT
  • Companies that have grown over time and feel their technology is lacking behind

Service Offerings

i3D provides a number of tailored IT architecture services including:


Strategic Planning

i3D provides an architectural IT roadmap to that will line up with clients’ vision and planned growth ensuring targeted and efficient spend on IT maintenance   and growth, therefore reducing unwanted IT spend.


IT Assessment

We will provide a clear view of the status of clients’ IT estate to enable them to better manage their  IT infrastructure. This in turn will help you reduce running  costs by increasing reliability, scalability, and security.

Security Assessment

i3D will compare clients’ current  Security and Risk Management policies against industry best practices and NCSC guidelines to give their company the best direction to go into a secure future. We will provide them with a roadmap and actionable steps to mitigate security risks and threats to protect their business and comply with regulatory requirements. This will reduce the risks, costs  and reputational impact of data breaches and data loss.

Want to See Our Services in Action?
Take a look at our case studies or get in touch to learn more about how we can help your organisation.

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