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Business Analysis 

i3D offers traditional, as well as agile and technical Business Analysis services. We help clients identify requirements and manage change throughout a project life cycle, bridging the gap between the business and development teams, communicating complex ideas to technical and non-technical stakeholders.

Challenges We Address

i3D Business Analysts are experienced at developing complex solutions, working with development teams and business experts to deliver documented processes from the “As Is” to the “To Be” improvements.

Project Scope: Defining and controlling project boundaries, deliverables, and objectives to ensure successful project execution. Gathering and analysing requirements.

Requirement Traceability: Ensuring clear links and comprehensive coverage of project requirements for effective project management.

Collaboration Facilitation: Encouraging teamwork and reaching agreements through effective communication and consensus-building strategies.

Quality Assurance: Ensuring that project deliverables meet predefined quality standards through systematic monitoring, evaluation, and corrective actions

Our Approach

We focus on understanding your goals by identifying requirements and developing tailored solutions using a variety of methodologies and tools to ensure quality project delivery.

We prioritise collaboration, communication, and transparency to involve you at every step.

Iterative & Incremental Approach

 Emphasising iterative and incremental delivery of value to adapt   and respond to change.

Continuous Requirements Refinement

 Iteratively refining and prioritising requirements based on feedback, allowing for flexibility and adaptability.

User-Centric Focus

 Prioritising customer need and delivering solutions that provide maximum value to end users.

Agile Modelling & Visualisation

 Utilising visual models, diagrams, and prototypes to communicate and validate requirements, promoting shared understanding among stakeholders.

Collaborative Stakeholder Engagement

 Active involvement of stakeholders throughout the project, fostering collaboration.

Lean Documentation

Emphasising lightweight and just-in-time documentation to reduce waste and focus on delivering working software or solutions.

Key Benefits

Expertise & Experience: Industry-specific expertise, guiding your organisation towards achieving its goals through expert support and knowledge.

Enhanced Agility: Empower your organisation to embrace change, enhancing responsiveness and adaptability to thrive in dynamic market conditions.

Increased Efficiency: Identify process and system inefficiencies, offering recommendations to streamline and improve your operations.

Improved Stakeholder Engagement: Facilitate effective stakeholder engagement, ensuring that needs and requirements are understood and addressed throughout the project life cycle.

Improved Decision-making: Promotes a collaborative and iterative approach, enabling faster and data-driven decision-making based on real-time feedback and insights.

Enhanced Risk Management: Early identification and mitigation of risks through continuous monitoring,   adaptive planning, and proactive stakeholder involvement, ensuring successful project outcomes.

Our Team

i3D’s Business Analysis services help companies achieve their goals through our team of experienced analysts who offer expert guidance and support. By adopting agile methodologies, we enhance your agility, increase efficiency, improve stakeholder engagement, and enable better decision-making.

We take a tailored approach to address your specific needs and goals, providing recommendations for streamlining and improving processes and systems. With a wealth of experience across various industries, we offer customised solutions to help you become more responsive to change and better equipped to adapt to evolving market conditions.

Ideal use cases

  • Developing and implementing a new IT system or software
  • Improving operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness
  • Conducting a business process re-engineering project
  • Enhancing customer experience and engagement
  • Enabling digital transformation with roadmap development & optimisation

Service Offerings

i3D provides tailored Business Analytics services including:


Strategic Planning: We work closely with clients to develop a roadmap for the project, outlining key milestones and deliverables to achieve their objectives.

Requirements Management: We manage stakeholders’ needs and requirements by using techniques such as interviews, surveys, and workshops to elicit requirements.

Digital Transformation: We identify changes required, developing and implementing a roadmap, and optimising new digital processes.

Process Mapping & Analysis: We work with clients to identify inefficiencies in systems and processes to provide recommendations for improvement.



Our experienced team helps organisations achieve their goals by identifying inefficiencies, gathering stakeholder requirements, and making informed data-driven decisions.

We provide clear project scope, roadmaps, and milestone deliverables to ensure successful outcomes.

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