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Digital Transformation Review

A digital transformation strategy is a key foundation in preparing your organisation for the future. However, many find it hard to tailor their strategy to fit the current state of their organisation and to subsequently translate that aspiration into a set of clear priorities for implementation.

i3D’s Digital Transformation Review aims to help with this, by taking a close look at your digital transformation strategy in the context of your organisational goals. Considering business, data and technology drivers, we will look at your strategy and its implications for your people and process and collaborate to ensure that it effectively defines your goals, making recommendations for first steps to your organisation’s potential.

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Challenges We Address

Lack of expertise and resource constraints: Organisations often lack employees with adequate skills in transformation procedures, cybersecurity, application architecture, cloud computing, UX design or DevOps. i3D have consultants with those key skills and experience.

Complex software and technology landscapes can be difficult to understand: i3D consultants can help to build the legacy application modernisation strategies to suit the future vision.

Our Approach


Our approach to any review is rooted in a blend of best practice and experience. With Architects from a broad range of backgrounds in multiple sectors, we have the expertise to provide an objective and detailed review of your digital transformation strategy and plans.

A digital transformation is not a single point of change, but rather an ongoing continuum of incremental improvements to technology, skills and processes. We work with clients to understand your goals and objectives, and your current state. We will review your strategy to ensure that it aligns with your mission and vision, and identify opportunities for its development.

Digital transformation is not just about technology but must be underpinned by a clear IT strategy. We will work with you to ensure that your IT strategy does so. We will also look at business and IT processes and procedures to ensure that these support the organisational vision and make recommendations for skills development to support your transformation goals.

Key Benefits

The reassurance that comes from having your digital transformation strategy reviewed by experienced Architects from a broad range of backgrounds and sectors.

The identification of opportunities and priorities for measurable benefits to be born from that strategy, and advice and guidance to allow the realisation of those benefits.

Confirmation of alignment between your digital transformation strategy and organisational priorities and imperatives; as well as the confidence that your IT strategy and policies will meet the needs of your digital transformation.

Recommendations for changes to the strategy that achieve quick wins and guidance to find a path towards your transformed business, taking into account resource restraints and governance requirements.

The review of, or recommendation for, architectural principles that will help act as guard rails on your transformation journey.

Our Team

You know where your business wants to go, you know what your processes and sales must look like, you know you have the right team to do it and now is the time to do it. But you are stuck on the 'how'. What digital solution is appropriate? What software or technology is over hyped or not suitable?

i3D’s industry experienced Architects can help you lay the foundations for the realisation of your vision in a way that is forward looking, accessible, sustainable, and ethical.

Ideal use cases

  • An organisation about to embark upon a major change programme and seeking a partner to review their plans before beginning.

  • An organisation about to embark upon a major change programme and seeking a partner to review their plans before beginning.

  • Established companies that need to embrace modern work practices.

  • Companies with outsourced IT departments that want fresh unbiased view on their current estate.

  • Companies that have gone through mergers and acquisitions and are looking to consolidate / integrate / simplify their IT.

  • Companies that have grown over time and feel their technology is lagging behind.

Service Offerings

i3D provides a number of tailored IT architecture services including:


Digital transformation strategy review

We will look over your strategy with reference to your sector, regulatory and business drivers and goals and assess how well this transformation will meet the needs of the organisation and your customers in the future. We will make recommendations for adjustments or amendments to the transformation strategy to help realise your goals.


Digital transformation strategy alignment

We will take your IT, business and digital strategy and review how well they align with one another to ensure that the benefits are realised. We will offer thoughts on where they can be tweaked to achieve better or more timely outcomes.

Digital transformation strategy next steps

Looking at your strategy, we will offer thoughts on architectural principles, first or next steps along your change path, and quick wins to provide early realisation of benefits from their digital transformation. Our experienced professionals will offer guidance on priorities to suit each individual situation.

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