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Your secret’s safe with us

We are in the early stages of the journey to ensure that we meet ISO 27001 standards for information security and data protection.

We have always taken pride and diligence in how we protect information and the systems we have in place to ensure that happens. However, as we have grown, we have become more aware that having our systems independently verified is the best way to assure our clients.

For this reason, we have chosen to be audited against the widely adopted ISO 27001 standard. NQA, a highly reputable UKAS-accredited certification body, will be undertaking the audits.

Ben Ames, director at i3Works, said: “We have already passed the stage one audit, which sets us in good stead for stage two, which will take place shortly.

“We are working closely with our new sister company, i3Secure, whose expertise in cyber security and data protection is adding support to, and assessment of, our own systems. Given their in-depth knowledge of the process, they know exactly what is expected from ISO 27001, and are guiding us along the journey to make sure we meet all the requirements.”

Jason McAdam, i3Secure director, said: “Our consultants have helped many companies through the ISO 27001 journey over their careers. We know how daunting it can be for those unfamiliar with it, so we are happy to apply our knowledge to support i3Works through the necessary steps.”

Following successful completion of Stage 2 audits, i3Works will become fully certified to ISO 27001 and a certificate will be awarded.

Day to day activities are not really been restricted,” continued Ben, “but thanks to i3Secure we now have a clearer understanding of how to protect information, arguably the world’s greatest commodity. Having experts in the field of data security working alongside us made the task simple, and also more likely to produce greater value in the longer term.”

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