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User Research

i3D’s User Research services provide insight into the performance and user experience of digital interfaces and products from the user’s perspective. This insight helps to empower our clients to make informed decisions about new product development and existing product enhancements.

User research can also be used to identify opportunities for innovation to support customers and users in new and improved ways. Users and customers are at the centre of any business so we provide impactful insights to help you leverage what’s important and bring value to your product or service.

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Challenges We Address

Our User Research Services are ideal for when you:

  • Have a lack of understanding around the cause of a poorly performing product or service.
  • Identify that the correct direction for product improvements is not clear.
  • Are unable to optimise your customer satisfaction and understand the disconnects.
  • Need help defining and prioritising product requirements based upon data, backing up your strategy and design decisions.
  • Want to identify early adopters who would use your product.
  • Are not meeting customer or user expectations.


Our Approach

Our User Researchers champion good design practices at proven industry standards. They follow the design thinking process which is an iterative user-centred approach to design and ensures alignment to user needs throughout. Our collaborative and iterative process ensures we deliver solutions which engage users.

We adapt our research methods to your users and business, giving you a bespoke user research plan, which can be reused for future studies.

Our consultants help your service or product meet user expectations from the outset and throughout the project and product lifecycle.

Key Benefits

  • Receive a full comprehensive view of your service or product
  • Improve service and product performance
  • Action inclusive and accessible design
  • Deliver simplified customer journeys that add value
  • Enhance operational efficiencies
  • Tailor service and products that are aligned to meet user needs

We have strong experience within Central Government where traditionally, there are complex services that interface with multiple products and teams.

We are a part of a consortium of Digital experts who exchange knowledge and best practice to ensure we are continually evolving our standards.

Our Team

At i3D, we take a consultation-led approach to User Research. Our team of experts work with you to evaluate your service or product, to identify key areas and opportunities to better support your users and customers.. We help you to build experiences that improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Working with you in a consultancy style that is collaborative and user-centric. We blend best practice user-centred design principles with feasibility to deliver a solution that adds value to your customer ecosystem and helps drive business success.

Customer satisfaction is a key factor in the success or failure of any small or large business. We are passionate about excellent user-centred design and with i3D’s collaborative and iterative process, we deliver solutions that engage users.

Ideal use cases

  • To find opportunities for innovation to keep your competitive edge
  • Identify and prioritise requirements on a product or project
  • To determine the causes of low adoption rate, user retention, and abandonment
  • To provide a clear direction for product and service development
  • To inform content strategy by understanding the language your customers and users are familiar with
  • Conversion optimisation by identifying friction points and blockers
  • To optimise accessibility and inclusivity

Service Offerings

We create digital products that not only look great but also perform well while meeting your organisation’s demands and user expectations. Our User-Focused service provides your customers with what they want.


Primary Research: Understand users’ perspectives, and identify user pain points and needs, providing you with actionable insights.

Customer Journey Mapping: Visual reputation of a user’s interaction with your service or product to see the user’s pain points or opportunities (gains).

Value Proposition: Establish market fit and conduct competitor analysis. Working with Product Teams to create product or business canvases.

User Testing: Test ideas and validate user assumptions to ensure the value proposition is desirable amongst the target group.

Continuous Service Improvement: Present the product lifecycle, representing the voice of the user and providing new insights into user needs once the product or service is live.

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