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Cloud Feasibility Study

Our Cloud Feasibility Study involves a broad review by our i3D Consultants in partnership with your business. This study will assess the extent to which your business has considered all its needs to manage a successful cloud migration.  

Challenges We Address

Lack of clear strategy. A cloud migration requires a clear vision of your business goals and expected outcomes of the migration. Without this, a migration risks confusion, scope creep or budget overrun. 

Skills and talent gap. Migrating to the cloud requires specific skills in cloud computing, security, tools, management, and optimisation. 

Application complexity. A cloud migration requires an understanding of the as-is ecosystem with all its dependencies, compatibility, performance, security, and compliance requirements. Organisations need this understanding to determine whether that asset can or cannot be moved, requires redesign and what can be phased out or replaced. 

Security and compliance. Transferring data to a cloud service will require an assessment of the security impact to ensure that security and compliance requirements are still being met. 

Cost management.Organisations need a sensible budget for their migration. They also need to optimise for cost-efficiency, ongoing cost reporting and changing from Capex and OpEx budgets

Our Approach


Our approach to any review is rooted in a blend of best practice and experience. Through our Cloud Feasibility Study, i3D can provide you with Architects from a broad range of backgrounds in multiple sectors with the expertise you need to provide an objective and detailed review of your cloud migration strategy and plans.

Assessing an orgnisations preparedness for a cloud transition is not a one size fits all proposition. Our consultants will tailor their analysis so that your specific concerns can get the attention they deserve.

i3D’s approach is to deploy experienced Architects and consultants to form a blended team with your own technical experts and business stakeholders. We merge our experience with cloud migrations with your knowledge of the as-is environment and business objectives. Together we can support you and put you in a position where you can be clear and confident about your next steps to deliver a cloud migration which meets all your organisation’s technical and business objectives.

We will look for, and highlight, opportunities for quick wins in progress towards the end state and, also share recommendations for reuse, re-purposing or expansion of existing technology and infrastructure to meet future needs.

Key Benefits


  • A cloud migration project offers a rare opportunity for a business to re-engineer its IT infrastructure, shed its technical debt and transition to a new platform. A platform that potentially offers scalability, flexibility, and reduced costs. It can also be an expensive, stressful, risk laden distraction from a client’s ability to deliver on their day-to-day responsibilities. Working with i3D means you get the reassurance that comes from having  your cloud migration strategy reviewed by experienced Architects from a broad range of backgrounds and sectors.  
  • The identification of measurable benefits and advice on realising those benefits. 
  • Confirmation of the alignment between your cloud migration strategy and your organisational priorities. 
  • The confidence in knowing that your IT strategy will meet the needs of your digital transformation.  
  • Recommendations for changes to the strategy, opportunities for quick wins for your business along with guidance on finding a path towards transforming your business. 
  • The review of, or recommendation for, those key principles that will help act as guardrails on your transformation journey. 


Our Team

You know where your business wants to go, you know what your processes and sales must look like, you know you have the right team to do it and now is the time to do it. But you are stuck on the 'how'? What digital solution is appropriate? What software or technology is over hyped or not suitable? i3D’s industry-experienced Architects can help you lay the foundations for the realisation of your vision in a way that is forward looking, accessible, sustainable, and ethical.

Ideal use cases

You know the benefits of moving to the cloud but you're cautious about the problem and are looking for someone to act as a ‘trusted advisor’ to help you understand the prerequisites and to help you develop a strategy to meet the challenge ahead. 

You have developed a cloud migration strategy yourself, or have received one from another company, but you feel you would benefit it being independently and professionally reviewed to ensure that it works for you. 

You are an organisation about to embark upon a major change programme and seeking a partner to review your plans before beginning. 

Service Offerings


i3D provides a number of tailored IT architecture services including:

Cloud Feasibility Study: We will work with you to ensure that you have a thorough understanding of the key, influential factors that will determine your ability to manage a transition to the cloud. This study can then be used to determine if you want to proceed with your cloud deployments and further engage with us to help you plan your migration. 

Cloud Strategy Alignment: We will take your business and cloud strategies and review how well they align. We will offer advice on where they can be tweaked to achieve better or more timely outcomes.  

Trusted Advisor: We can work with you in the role of a trusted advisor, helping you to assess your cloud migration strategy. Whether the strategy has been developed in-house or commissioned from a third party we can give you honest feedback to ensure that your strategy will deliver your objectives. Our experienced professionals will offer guidance on priorities to suit your situation. 

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