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Cloud Migration

Cloud Migration has become an essential step for businesses aiming to modernise their IT infrastructure, improve scalability, enhance security, and leverage the benefits of cloud computing. Our role at i3D is to guide organisations through a successful cloud migration process, ensuring minimal disruption and maximum value realisation.

Challenges we address

Migrating an organisation's IT infrastructure to the cloud transition is not a one size fits all proposition. Working with our consultants we can tailor our migration approach so that your applications get the attention you know they deserve.

We can provide you with Architects from a broad range of backgrounds in multiple sectors.  We have the expertise you need to provide an objective and detailed review of your cloud migration strategy and plans.

Our approach is to deploy experienced Architects and consultants to form a blended team with your own technical experts and business stakeholders. We merge our experience with cloud migrations and your knowledge of the as-is environment and business objectives. Together we can support you and help you achieve your objectives.

Our Approach


Assess: Before initiating a migration, everyone needs to have a clear expectation around your desired outcome. This will include assessing the scale of the required cloud as well understanding your current environment. If you have worked with i3D already in preparing a cloud feasibility report, then this work should already be complete.

Advise: Not all cloud providers are the same and its best to spend some time identifying your requirements and performing an in-depth selection process for your preferred cloud provider(s).

Optimise: Each application has its own ‘profile’ based on performance, access, confidentiality, business criticality, network dependencies, support, age, as well as your ambition for the application.  All of these will help drive a suitable migration strategy: retire, retain, rehost, relocate, repurchase, re-platform, re-architect.

Verify: i3D will work with you to identify a verification strategy, if this includes performance as a critical factor then we will assist you to define a representative test environment for you to perform performance validation before migration.

Key Benefits

Reduced Downtime and Disruption: Minimising downtime and disruption is a top priority during cloud migration. With our expertise, we meticulously plan the migration process, conduct comprehensive testing, and provide hands-on support, ensuring a seamless transition with minimal impact on your business operations.

Optimised Performance and Scalability: Our focus is not just on migration but also on optimising performance and scalability in the cloud environment. We design robust cloud architectures, implement best practices, and leverage the capabilities of cloud service providers to enhance your system's performance and scalability.

Enhanced Security and Compliance: Security is paramount when moving sensitive data and applications to the cloud. Our consultancy ensures that your cloud migration adheres to industry best practices and compliance standards. We implement robust security measures, encryption protocols, and access controls to protect your assets in the cloud.

Seamless Data Migration & Integration: Our team has expertise in data migration and integration, ensuring secure and seamless transfer of your data to the cloud and maintaining consistency across applications.

Our Team

Our experts help you reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) and operational costs whilst remaining laser-focused so that your cloud migration is aligned with your business objectives.

i3D industry expert architects have the depth and breadth of expertise to realise these aspirations.

Ideal use cases

  • Migrating to the cloud can lead to significant cost savings and improved efficiency. Our consultancy helps you select cost-effective cloud service models, optimises resource allocation, and provides ongoing monitoring and cost optimisation strategies. We help you achieve higher ROI by leveraging the scalability and cost advantages of the cloud.
  • Visualise how users interact with your cloud application and identify key business KPIs
  • One-off data migration, stream ingestion and seeding, and continuous on-prem migration
  • Best practice to move the organisation’s IT assets to cloud infrastructure
  • Visualise how the hybrid business operational model would like 

Service Offerings

Each cloud migration service will be different, so each will need a clear migration strategy. i3D Architects capitalise on the industry's best practice 6 Rs of cloud migration—re-host, re-platform, repurchase, retain, retire, and re-factor. Our cloud architects can help you to determine clear paths for your migration..

So, no matter where you are in your cloud migration journey – i3D Architects can advise and guide, and help create a customised migration plan that fits your business needs by offering a range of services.

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