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After nearly 30 years of military service, Jason Gadd explains how his transition into the role of a Project Controls Consultant at i3Works was aided by the support, guidance and resources made available to him by the Mi3 network; a group within i3Works dedicated to supporting with the challenges of transitioning from the military to a civilian career.

My Transition to Civilian Life

Eight months ago, I embarked on a new journey as a Project Controls Consultant at Management Consultancy, i3Works, following an honourable 29 years and 11 months of service in the military. The initial transition into the unknown was undeniably daunting, but with the support provided by the Mi3 network and my daily engagement with colleagues, combined with my voluntary involvement in the Mental Health and Well-being team, the process of transitioning into civilian life became smoother.

I take immense pride in my accomplishments during my military service, and I am deeply grateful for the pivotal role played by the Mi3 network which is led by Dominic Perry and my exceptional line manager, Michael Bowness in facilitating my successful transition into civilian life and integration into i3Works. The Mi3 network, tailored to support military veterans like me, offers a range of resources, connections, and support systems designed to alleviate the challenges that arise during the transition to a civilian career.

Through this network, I have had the opportunity to connect with fellow veterans who have embarked on similar journeys, benefiting from their wealth of experience and knowledge. This community has provided a sense of camaraderie, understanding, and invaluable support, fostering a strong network of individuals who can empathise with the unique experiences of transitioning from military to civilian life.

Engaging with my colleagues daily has not only allowed me to forge meaningful relationships but has also provided a valuable platform for learning, growth, and the exchange of diverse perspectives. The collaborative work environment at i3Works has further supported my successful transition, enabling me to seamlessly leverage my transferable skills in the project controls field.

“The collaborative work environment at i3Works has further supported my successful transition, enabling me to seamlessly leverage my transferable skills in the project controls field.”

Volunteering to assist the Mental Health and Well-being team has been personally fulfilling, as it allowed me to contribute to the collective well-being of my colleagues. By actively participating in such initiatives, I have honed my leadership and teamwork skills while fostering a positive and supportive workplace environment.

I am optimistic about the bright prospects that lie ahead. This optimism is further reinforced by i3Works’ commitment to military veterans, as evidenced by their investment in my professional development and recognition of the valuable skills I bring to the table.

I am immensely grateful for the support of the Mi3 network, the exceptional guidance from my line manager, and the inclusive work environment at i3Works. Together, they have paved the way for a successful transition into civilian life, allowing me to embark on a new and promising chapter in my career, while continuing to honor the contributions of military veterans.

Mi3 is a veteran support network within i3Works, providing invaluable information and advice to service leavers looking to make the transition into civilian life. If you are a service leaver and would like to know more about Mi3 or career opportunities within i3Works please contact dominic.perry@i3works.co.uk to arrange an informal chat.

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