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Equipment Acquisition Programme Re-planning

Project Overview

By providing Project Controls services, i3Works led the re-planning of the Acquisition Programme for the A400M Air Transport aircraft and its associated capabilities, following significant supplier delays to original delivery programme.

As the lead planner, our company has worked on re-planning the testing, certification and embodiment of some 25 individual capabilities across an expanding fleet of 22 aircraft.

Our Client's Challenges 

  • Lack of previous Project Controls and Planning expertise within the client's Programme Team.
  • Supplier delays & retention of information due to contractual liabilities.
  • Balancing Project Controls requirements with demanding Front Line customer.

i3Works' Solutions to Those Challenges 

Lack of Project Controls and Planning expertise.

  • The Project Controls function was new to the team and there had been no specialist planning support for a year.
  • i3Works worked closely with the 40 or so members of the programme team to develop realistic plans and help embed a project controls culture for planning and reporting.

Supplier delays & retention of information.

  • i3Works entered a difficult contractual environment with supplier delays and large liquidated damages.
  • i3Works liaised with the project team and RAF front line and developed plans for capability priorities.
  • These were then presented to the supplier who was consequently able to produce delivery schedules more in line with RAF priorities to mitigate the delays.

Balancing Project Controls requirements.

  • i3Works developed and maintained a 2000-line contractual schedule containing internal and supplier costs. 
  • The schedule could be used to generate monthly progress and EVM reports to meet the client's requirements whilst also producing simplified Level 1 plans and progress reports to the RAF front line.

Work Items & Responsibilities

Using Project Planning and Controls best practices i3Works led the delivery of a number of key strands:

  • Implementing planning workshops to gather programme technical scope and sequencing information
  • Providing planning expertise in developing new WBS and logical, hierarchical schedule
  • Liaising with front line customer to establish detailed requirements and provide regular planning updates to manage expectations
  • Liaising with programme team and main suppliers to provide schedules and guidance on capability delivery requirements
  • Producing a resource and cost loaded schedule in line with the client's processes
  • Reacting to supplier changes and delays to analyse impact and produce revised schedules and 'what-if' projections
  • Providing data for monthly EVM reporting
  • Establishing regular schedule update drumbeat from the team in order to status the schedule and produce monthly milestone progress reports for senior management

Benefits for the Client

  • A comprehensive, logical, functional schedule for the delivery team to inform progress and predict future milestones
  • A new more fit-for-purpose work breakdown structure enabling the programme team to analyse the project's performance and capability. 
  • Resetting of customer expectations to a more realistic delivery timescale, backed up with detailed schedules and audit trail
  • Giving senior management visibility of progress and delivery risks to enable them to mitigate potential delays and take action to achieve capability milestones
  • Monthly status reports including contingency erosion, schedule risks and earned value analysis
  • Impact analysis on changing supplier information, including reports and what-if schedules
  • Training of members of the project team on planning and scheduling tools and best practices for skills transfer
  • A comprehensive schedule narrative document to explain assumption and logic within the schedule and enable smooth handover

How i3Works can help your organisation

i3Works has a rich seam of P3M and business change expertise. We have delivered PMOs, led £billion mega projects and led programmes of up to 130 projects. We understand the need to ground P3M solutions in the practical reality of business; ensuring alignment with strategic intent whilst also championing a lean, pragmatic implementation of P3M methodologies. Our team are seasoned practitioners, including Registered Project Professionals, Chartered Engineers and underpinned by a wide range of P3M professional qualifications.

We have a passion for what we do and firmly believe in the value that a PMO can deliver. But we also appreciate that the industry is littered with process heavy, mechanistic PMO implementations that lose sight of their strategic purpose. By maintaining focus on the problems statements that the PMO is there to resolve, the PMO becomes an enabler for effective strategic and tactical decision making.

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