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My Journey into the Defence Sector

My journey into defence isn’t what you would call typical, nor was it a straightforward and planned journey. If a year ago you had told me I would be project manager within a Portfolio Management Office (PMO) helping to develop processes, methodologies and analysis that would guide information system services technology from idea to reality, while also being part of a team of three to research, design and build a comprehensive and agile knowledge management system for thousands to use, I would have been surprised to say the least.

Author: Michael Luke Digital Project Manager

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Lessons Learned Databases Is it Time to Move On?

Weve all been involved in lessons learned workshops its an intrinsic and very important part of the world of project management. But how many of these sessions really get under the surface of the project? They can often be box ticking exercises that capture the obvious and rarely get translated into organisational learning.

Author: Martin Paver Director at i3Works

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Managing complexity in a Portfolio Management Office (PMO)

Setting up a PMO can range from a simple execution of an out of the box solution through to an enabler for transformational change. The former is often a bolt on capability which is often perceived as a data hungry bureaucratic overhead that significantly underplays the business benefits that may be realised from a PMO. Using the PMO as an enabler for transformation change is a more enlightened solution, but it brings with it a range of challenges.

Author: Martin Paver Director at i3Works

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